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Entries for the world's longest road race this October now sold out

Entries for the Red Bull Timelaps, that will take advantage of the clocks falling back with a 25-hour road race, now sold out

Joe Robinson
3 Oct 2017

Entries for the inaugural Red Bull Timelaps have now sold out with 600 riders set to race over 25 hours in what is billed as the world's longest race.

Taking advantage of the end of daylight saving, Red Bull have created the Red Bull Timelaps, a 25-hour four person road race taking place across Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October.

Demand for entries proved high and Red Bull managed to sell all entries to the race in its first ever incarnation.

The race will take place on a 6.6km closed road circuit around Windsor Great Park, which will be the first time the park has ever opened its doors to a cycling road race.

To add to the excitement, when the race hits 2am, the circuit will enter its 'Power Hour' in which the riders will hit a shorter course were the laps in the final hour will count for double.

Only one rider from each team is allowed on course at one time which will call for tactics as well as pure endurance. The winners will be the team that cover the most laps in the time frame.

The race is costing £250 per team, with the price reducing to £200 if the whole team is under 25-years old. If you couldn't find three courageous teammates, then you could also enter solo for £65 being partnered with a team closer to the event.

For those who missed the chance to race, the event welcomes spectators to offer their support to those riding whilst also embracing the atmosphere of the Red Bull event.

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