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A new bike rental scheme that could make riding abroad easy

Joe Robinson
9 Aug 2017

listnride offer a cost-effective bike rental scheme that could make riding abroad open to all

The allure of riding abroad is tempting to most but can often prove an expensive venture. Packing your bike and flying it to your destination or even finding a bike rental store once you get there is a costly and time-consuming exercise.

This could now be a thing of the past thanks to Berlin based company, listnride, the online bike sharing platform which looks to make cycling accessible for enthusiasts away from home. 

The concept is quite simple and clever. Individuals and shops make their bikes available for rental online for perspective riders. Before arriving, you will decide the type of bike you want to rent and for how long. Simply pay and it will be ready for you to collect when you arrive. 

With the company focused currently in Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam and Mallorca, this alternative bike rental system could make riding abroad much more simple.

At first glance, prices seem very competitive, with road bikes costing between €22-42 a day, depending on the spec of the bike. For reference, a Specialized Tarmac with Shimano 105 can be rented in Mallorca for €22 a day or €119 for the entire week. 

Additionally, with the bike being ready to ride on arrival, this negates the arduous task of building your own bike after having shipped it to your destination. 

Founded by Gert-Jan van Wijk and Johannes Stuhler in 2016, listnride look to raise €150,000 to expand the business, with vision to even bring the scheme to the UK. 

The only drawback from this could be that it will take a generous person to rent out their pride and joy for the use of a complete stranger. Nevertheless, this could be the solution that makes riding abroad as easy as ever. 

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