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Veloforte Energy Bars review

1 Feb 2018

Dense & delicious energy bars in compact size, packed with calories & nutrients from 100% natural ingredients, ideal for a long day

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Every now and then a product comes along that genuinely surprises me. When Veloforte founder, Marc Giusti, contacted me to introduce his company, hand making premium energy bars for cyclists from his London kitchen, I must admit I was initially sceptical.

The cycling nutrition market is already heavily saturated and I remember thinking at the time, why would you try and go up against all these well-established brands?

But, I’m as happy to eat my words, as I am to devour these superb Veloforte bars. Let me explain.

Giusti’s concept (and the company name) is derived from his Italian heritage. The story goes like this. It’s documented, as far back as the 13th Century, that the Romans fortified their legions with a food called ‘Panforte’, a dense blend of fruit, nuts and spices.

As well as being packed with energy it was believed to have healing properties too. Veloforte bars then, Giusti claims, very closely resemble this ancient recipe, passed down through his family for generations.

It all sounded very romantic, but the proof, of course, was going to be in the eating, not the story telling, so I was keen to see how they fared as fuel for a long day in the saddle.

My first impression was just how nutritionally dense the bars are. Each mouthful feels like a meal in itself (regardless which of the three flavours I was eating), so tightly packed are the all-natural ingredients.

In terms of calories there’s a hefty amount for such small parcels – a compact 70g bar, neatly wrapped in foil baking parchment, contains around 300kcal, typically with around 50g of carbs and 5g of protein.

This is a significant plus point. On long endurance rides you simply don’t need to carry as much fodder in your jersey pockets.

I was able to half the amount of bulk I would usually take for rides of 4-5 hours, and graze on just a couple of Veloforte bars.

This is a huge boon for sportives and events where pocket space is at a premium if you’re also trying to stuff in jackets, arm warmers and the like.

The packaging worked exceptionally well, both in terms of easy access on the fly, but also keeping the bars fresh in pockets.

Flavours are obviously subjective but I found the Veloforte bars offered a good mix as my preferences changed according to the day.

Earlier on in rides I found I preferred the fresher, cleaner taste of the more citrus-based ‘Classico’ bar, as I would also on hotter days.

The ‘Ciocco’ was more what I craved later in a ride, as I tired, where the cocoa element felt sweeter and more of a pick-me-up.

The forest fruit based ‘Di Bosco’ seemed to always be palatable. As an aside, all of the bars, Ciocco included, coped fine with being in my pocket riding in 32°C.

Overall I was extremely impressed with Veloforte bars. I prefer to eat ‘real food’ on the bike wherever possible, and having 100% natural produce in such a neat and small package, taking up so little space, is a real advantage.

The price is at the premium end of the market, but bear in mind these are handmade to order and also will keep fresh for around 9 months.

Food allergy sufferers may also like the fact there are dairy and gluten free options.

Buy Veloforte energy bars from Sigma Sports here

Packs from £6.99

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