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For the love of pain, Adam Hansen will ride his 19th consecutive Grand Tour

Adam Hansen takes beer from a fan
Joe Robinson
10 Aug 2017

Despite being initially overlooked, Adam Hansen will ride his 19th consecutive Grand Tour at the Vuelta a Espana

When Lotto-Soudal released their initial line-up for the Vuelta a Espana, everyone was left taking a double look. Grand Tour veteran Adam Hansen was going to miss his 19th consecutive Grand Tour. 

Saddle sores and fatigue were cited as the reasons despite Hansen's willingness to continue this gruelling adventure. However, when teammate Rafael Valls fractured his hip in training, the Australian found himself back in the team, with the streak due to continue. 

For many three Grand Tours in one season is unthinkable, yet for Hansen this has been the case for six years. Having completed all 18 tours, Hansen has battled through injury, bad weather and plenty of suffering. 

You may ask why Hansen would do this to himself but in a passionate statement released on his twitter, the 36-year old made it clear just why he puts himself through this challenge. 

With this unmatched feat, Hansen believes that he is breaking new ground on what is possible for the human body on a bike. 

'I feel I am really testing myself mentally and physically on what the human today can do,' adding 'I'm pushing the limits to the max and seeing where the maximum of myself is.'

A sense of relief is almost present in Hansen's statement, signifying the importance of this record to him, and despite the thousands of miles of pain, the passion for riding has not dissipated.

'I will start my 19th Grand Tour in a row. Six years of suffering, pain and pure love of it all.' he said. 

'I loved the reactions and support from my fans and you have really showed me that this is something the fans are also excited about.'

Hansen realises the significance of this streak, and despite the difficulty, shows no sign of stopping. With the support of fans and his love of cycling not wavering, expect to see him on the start line of next year's Giro d'Italia

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