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Oakley In Residence showcase new FACES photography exhibition

Oakley in Residence
Craig Cunningham
29 Jul 2015

Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Geraint Thomas all feature in Oakley’s new exhibition.

If you want to get an artistic insight into professional cycling, particularly if you’re a fan of Team Sky, then you should head down to London’s cultural cycling hub, Oakley in Residence.

Starting back in 2012, photographer Scott Mitchell, has been embedded within the ranks of Team Sky and has intimately caught the highs and lows of professional riders. Mitchell’s exhibition, FACES, takes you through day-to-day life of riders from snaps of focused pre-race smirks to their desolate post-race 1000-yard stares.

From Sir Wiggo, to Mark Cavendish and Geraint Thomas, Mitchell has documented the life of a pro-rider away from the peloton, giving a life beyond the race. Such images of exhausted riders and spent force makes you wonder what hell these cyclists put themselves through. Well here at Cyclist we are a sucker for a fact and looked up what the likes of Cav, Thomas and other riders experienced.

Oakley in Residence - Faces exhibition

According to Dimensions Data, the folks who recorded all the data for this years tour, the professional riders of the peloton climbed a massive 59,556 metres of elevation over the 58 categorised climbs: That’s about 6.7 Mount Everests. All that work must have burned off a few calories. Well in fact Chris Froome and co burned an estimated 23,940,000 kcals equalling about 85,807 hamburgers. That’s certainly a whopper.

The workshop-come-bike-cinema can be found at 37-39 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP and will be holding the event through to July 31st.

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