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GripGrab EasyRider cycling mitts review

21 Aug 2017

The GripGrab EasyRider mitts are a great pair of gloves, but you might find yourself replacing them sooner than you wanted

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable, easy to put on and take off, look good
Durability on the palms could be better

The GripGrab EasyRider cycling mitts take the Danish brand back to its origins with simplicity and comfort. GripGrab started out with gloves, and although it now manufacturers an excellent range of accessessories such as overshoes, toe covers and warmers, gloves remain its strongest offering.

These cycling mitts are easy to put on and take off thanks mostly to the simple nature of their design.

Rather than a wide open wrist which is then closed with a velcro fastening, the gloves are held in place by a lightly-elasticated wrist band.

The palm area of the GripGrab EasyRiders delivers both the best and unfortunately worst features of these gloves.

The best part is definitely the comfort and this is supplied in the most part by the Doctor Gel cushion.

A thicker version of this palm pad on a different pair of GripGrab gloves kept my wrists and palms in reasonable condition during a wet ride on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix a couple of years ago, and this smaller depth version brings a similar cushioning feel when holding the bars.

The negative feature of the palm related to durability. It should be stated that I have worn the gloves a lot and in a rain and shine, hot and cold.

As such, the palms are starting to wear much faster than any other part of the glove. Although my palm hasn't been exposed yet, a few more wet or particularly sweaty rides and the material looks like it could go through.

In no way would this stop me getting another pair; per mile the wear is probably pretty good but the strength of the construction in this area could be addressed to make it consistent with the rest of the glove and indeed the rest of GripGrab's range.

Away from that slight downside, a further positive is the look of the gloves. Simple detailing rather than garish logos keep the look simple, and the full white back with black trim means the gloves can be matched to white or black socks and a range of jersey and shorts combinations.

These gloves aren't as sturdy as others from GripGrab, but the comfort is second to none and they look great too.

They'll see you right for a couple of summer before they need replacing, which is plenty of time to look and feel great wearing them.

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