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Bontrager Ballista first look

Bontrager Ballista
5 Aug 2015

The Ballista is Bontrager's answer to the everyday aero helmet.

When Jens Voigt made history by beating the Hour record, albeit temporarily, for the first time in nearly a decade, aero geeks the world over were captivated by the mysterious lump of aerodynamic polystyrene strapped to his head. The then-unknown helmet has now broken cover, and the Bontrager Ballista is available to the masses.

The Ballista promises to save between 3 and 13 watts of power depending on the angle of yaw compared to Bontrager’s conventional road helmet. ‘We see this as an everyday aero helmet,’ says product manager Jason Fryda, ‘We looked at a whole bunch of options in terms of design and settled on three main vents and two moderated vents.’ 

Temperature control has been as much a part of the design as the aerodynamics, and Bontrager modelled how air travels over and through the helmet with the aim of keeping it cool enough for intense riding yet as aero as possible. The internal fit-system suspends the helmet slightly over the front of the forehead to allow air into the internal channels. 

On the outside, Bontrager has gone for a longer tail, similar to the Specialized Evade helmet, rather than the rounded rear favoured by the Giro Air Attack. At 298g for a size large, the Ballista is impressively light, especially as it meets the more stringent safety requirements of the USA and Australia, which often requires more impact protection than helmets made solely to meet European standards. 

We're going to be using the Ballista quite regularly, so look out for a full review soon.



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