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World Bike Speed Record: James MacDonald's JOGLEJOG record in numbers

Joe Robinson
21 Sep 2017

Check out James MacDonald's insane figures from his JOGLEJOG record

James MacDonald recently set a new record for the fastest time travelled by bike from John O'Groats to Land's end and back. 

With three hours to spare, MacDonald managed to set a new time of 5 days 18 hours and 3 minutes across the 2,711km route. 

Whilst the record itself is impressive, his numbers read for an even bigger spectacle. 

Some of the highlights include the massive amount of calories MacDonald was burning a day and the altitude gain over the five and a half days. 

Most notable however, is the lack of sleep that MacDonald had in breaking the record. 

Check out his figures below:

Total distance ridden: 1725 miles
Total time: 138 hours, 73 hours southbound, 65 northbound
Average speed (including stops for entire ride): 12.5mph
Altitude gain: Approx 22,000 meters (3836m per day)

Out leg: Left J O'Groats at 9am Monday, arrived at Land's End at 9.24am – 3 days and 2 mins
Return Leg: Left Land's End at 9.52 am Thursday, arrived at J O'Groats at 3.03am Sunday – 2 days 17hs, 11 mins

Calories Burned: Approx 32,000 (5565 calories per day)
Heart Rate: Average HR 103bpm
Cadence: Average cadence 71rpm
Total sleep time : 7 hours

We turned a 1.5 hour deficit relative to the existing record pace at Land's End into a 3 hour surplus by John O'Groats mainly due to not using the motorhome northbound and by limiting sleep.

The last 927 miles was ridden on only 1hr of sleep, all in the back of the support car in three 20 min power naps.

Training Suffer Score for southbound journey (headwind for entire southbound leg): 1500
Training Suffer Score for northbound journey (tailwind for one day then headwind last day): 980

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