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New UCI President David Lappartient to take on motor doping

Joe Robinson
22 Sep 2017

Newly-elected David Lappartient to take on motor doping as top priority as UCI president

Fresh from election as the new UCI president, David Lappartient has announced that he plans to come down hard on technological fraud in the sport. 

Speaking to Reuters, Lappartient was critical of the UCI's record on technological fraud and announced that he will be approaching the issue in a new way. 

'We were not professional enough on this subject and I will bring some new ideas to check the bikes and to be stronger on this subject.' he told Reuters.

'I don't want the UCI to be seen as weak in the fight against technological fraud.'

The UCI faced recent criticism surrounding its methods in catching motorised doping. Earlier this month, France TV's Stade 2 report appeared to show inaccuracies in the UCI's method of detection. 

The documentary went on to demonstrate how ineffective the use of tablets potentially was, highlighting the inability to pick up staged motors. 

The UCI hit back immediately claiming that their testing method was the best option, inviting the documentary makers to be shown how to use this method accurately. 

Since Femke van den Driessche was caught with a motor at the 2016 cyclocross World Championships, the UCI has made a point of focusing on testing for mechanical fraud. 

Yet with this coming under constant scrutiny, it will be interesting to see whether Lappartient can improve the governing bodies questionable record.

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