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N+1: Think you don't need another bike? Think again

27 Sep 2017

We look at why cyclists always need another bike, in association with Giant

I haven't got enough bikes. I have two but that's not enough. Even if I had six, seven, eight, it wouldn't matter because it would never be enough. 

You have to remember that the correct number of bikes for you to own is n+1. N equates to the number of bikes you own, therefore you should always be looking to acquire your next pride and joy.

It can be a top of the range carbon aero racer or a simple hybrid hack you use to get to the local pub on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer. Either way, you should always be on the hunt for your newest ride.

Usually this rule is put to the test by two issues, space and cost. 

Let's deal with space first. Most homes can comfortably fit one if not two bikes in without causing too many problems.

If you're lucky enough to have a big shed or garage you can double that number. 

Yet, if like me you live in a pre-war terraced house or a small one-bed flat, you may find yourself running out of room fast. This is when ingenious solutions come to the fore. 

Cupboards under the stairs can usually squeeze one bike in, a few more can be hung from the ceiling like expensive pieces of art. Buy yourself a bed with space underneath and there you have another storage space.

That's the space issue tackled, now let's take on the cost. 

Of course, bikes come at all prices and the eagle-eyed among you will often be able to spot a bargain better than David Dickinson.

If you are lucky, you can pick up a cool frame or complete bike even for just a few hundred quid.

Otherwise, an option that works just as well, and I can vouch from personal experience, is the use of a finance plan.

Take the Giant Propel Advanced 2. An aero road bike, with aero wheels and Shimano's trusty 105 groupset for £1,549.

Not the most expensive bike in the world but not the cheapest, the Giant Propel Advanced 2 would make a great option for anybody looking to upgrade from alloy to carbon, taking their riding up a notch.

Whilst £1,549 maybe hard to cough up at once, Giant offers the chance for you to spread the cost over two years with no hidden fees.

Buyers are able to take advantage of this 0% finance deal with V12 Retail Finance on any non-sale Giant bike over the price of £999.

When the cost is broken down over 24 months, you soon realise that this purchase is costing you no more than a phone bill or a gym membership.

Now, with this deal, you can add another bike to your arsenal and continue your pursuit of the n+1 rule!

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