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Alberto Contador calls for ban on power meters in competition

Joe Robinson
4 Oct 2017

Alberto Contador claims power meters prevent exciting riding and calls for their ban in competition

Alberto Contador has called for the ban of power meters in competition claiming they prevent exciting racing.

In an interview with MarcaContador claimed that riders would be put off from attacking in races due to a fixation on their power output. He also stated that he would ban their use in competition.

'The earpiece restricts invention less than the power meter, which I’d eliminate from use competition,' Contador said.

'If you’re going up a climb and you know that you can’t go over 400 Watts and Sky are at the front of the peloton going at 400 Watts, you don’t dare to attack because you’ll blow up inside two kilometres. But if you don’t see the numbers, your sensations might lead you to attack.'

Now retired, Contador was often vocal about the use of power meters during his career, often sharing similar complaints to his latest statement.

Throughout his career, the Spaniard was often the animator of many attacks leading some of the most exciting riding over the last decade.

The 34-year-old signed off in his typical style at last month's Vuelta a Espana by taking the stage victory atop the Alto de l'Angliru on the penultimate day of the race.