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BMC Racing part with Samuel Sanchez after positive drug test

Joe Robinson
5 Oct 2017

BMC Racing terminate contract with Samuel Sanchez after B sample returns positive test for growth hormone GHRP-2

BMC Racing has terminated Samuel Sanchez's contract with immediate effect after the B sample from his initial adverse drug test returned positive for human growth hormone GHRP-2.

A report in Spanish newspaper Marca yesterday suggested Sanchez's lawyers had confirmed that the counter-analysis had been consistent with the results of the first test, showing a banned substance in Sanchez's system.

BMC Racing confirmed in a press release later yesterday that Sanchez had failed an out-of-race anti-doping control and would therefore be parting ways with the team.

'The analysis of Sanchez's B sample confirmed the presence of GHRP-2 and its metabolite, as found in his A sample. At that time, Sanchez' contract with the team was terminated with immediate effect,' the press release read.

When the initial positive finding became public back in August, the 39-year-old was quick to request the testing of the second sample after expressing his shock at the positive finding, originally citing his age as a reason not to dope.

'I'm 39 years old, I'm 19 [years] professional and I'm about to retire. Why should I get into this?'

The Spaniard, who won gold at the 2008 Olympic Road Race, was provisionally suspended with immediate effect by his team when the original findings emerged.

Any potential ban will almost certainly spell the end of Sanchez's career, who turns 40 next February.