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Zipp launches 858 NSW Carbon Clincher

11 Oct 2017

Zipp gets deep with its latest cross-wind-defying wheels

Following on from the successful launch of its 454 NSW – a wheelset most notably known for its association with the tubercles on a humpback whale’s fins - Zipp has applied the same cross-wind-defying technology to its much deeper 808.

In doing so, Zipp has created the unsurprisingly named 858 NSW, in both disc and rim brake guises.

Minimising concerns over control on a windy day was a big deal for the 58mm deep 454 NSW, so it stands to reason it’s an even bigger deal for the 82mm deep 858 NSW.

Zipp says its biomimicry inspired Sawtooth rim profile will bring this level of aero rim depth into play not just for triathlon and time trial but as an super efficient road race wheel that will no longer be reserved only for those days with the ideal conditions.

As with the 454 NSW the story then is about what Zipp terms, ‘Aero Balance’, which in a nutshell means less impact from side winds meaning more confidence to go fast on a gusty day.

The increased performance they offer then comes from being able to hold speed, and corner with increased confidence thanks to the stability of the wheels in a wider range of conditions, a departure from the usual story of further reducing drag.

As well as the undulating (77-82mm) rim profile, the surface of the rim is swathed with hexagonal dimples (Zipp calls, HexFin ABLC) creating higher frequency vortex shedding, which further reduces the side force of cross winds – a higher number of smaller, less powerful vortices leading to greater wheel stability, Zipp claims.

This effect can be maximised on the disc brake version, as the dimples can extend all the way to the rim’s extremity, with no need for a braking surface.

For the rim brake version, Zipp’s Showstopper brake track remains, already proven in its previous NSW wheelsets to offer excellent braking control and significantly enhanced wet weather performance.

Impress graphics, means the graphics are printed directly on the rim – no decals, that would otherwise interfere with the aerodynamic performance of the HexFin ABLC dimples.

At the heart of both wheelsets remains Zipp’s own Cognition hubset, with its friction reducing Axial Clutch magnetic freehub engagement.

The breakdown

Available from November 2017

Claimed Weights: 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc Brake
front: 850g; rear 984g; 1834g pair

858 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim Brake
front: 808g; rear 942g; 1750g pair

Prices: 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc Brake
front: £1,695
rear: £2,035

858 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim Brake
front: £1,695
rear: £2,035

£1,695 for front wheel, £2,035 for rear wheel

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