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New flavours: Science in Sport Whey20 Protein Gels review

22 Mar 2018

Tasty, convenient but less cost effective than powder mix

Cyclist Rating: 
Convenient, easier to transport than powders and shakers, tasty flavours
You pay a premium for the convenience over using powders

When I first saw that cycling nutrition brand Science in Sport had produced a line of protein gels I must admit I turned my nose up at the idea. For me, gels were a panic source of energy consumed as a last resort when you get to the point of wanting to lay in a hedge rather than muster one more pedal stroke, and protein was best served in powder form (or better still in a meal).

However, after chasing some colleagues around on a lunchtime ride and returning to the office to find the newly arrived box of Science in Sport Whey20 Protein Gels to be the only source of recovery nutrition, I gave them a go.

First impressions were positive thanks to the tasty flavours and I felt like I recovered no differently than if I had used a powder mix drink.

Both of these factors are clearly subjective and there will always be taste preference differences and powdered drink traditionalists, but I can only report my own experience with the products.

The gels originally arrived in two flavours, chocolate orange and caramel, and are marketed as being 'a low sugar and fat free protein snack that tastes like a flavoured yoghurt.'

Two new flavours have now arrived in the Cyclist office - lemon and strawberry - and the quality of taste has continued, and these new flavours are even more refreshing.

In terms of taste, the 'flavoured yoghurt' idea is pretty spot on and I'm a big fan of all four flavours. The chocolate orange is more orange with a mild hint of chocolate, but it still tastes good and goes down a treat when you need a quick fix after a ride.

It's that element of them being a quick fix that is the winning factor of the SIS Whey20 Protein Gels. Easy to carry in a jersey pocket or kit bag, the gels deliver a hit of 20g of protein but without the messing around of carrying a shaker and mixing a drink.

The Whey20 Protein Gels are low in carbohydrate but at 20g per serving are high in protein. What's more, each gels carries 6g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) which contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass, an important factor for cyclists.

As with all recovery products, athletes are recommmended to take one of these protein gels within 30 minutes of a ride or turbo session for maximum recovery impact.

Science in Sport also says its Whey20 Protein Gels 'can be added into your diet for a serving of quality protein whenever you need it.'

Adding that, 'research recommends that you should consume 1.2-2g/kg of protein per day, ideally 20-25g every 3-4 hours.'

At £9 for a four pack these aren't cheap, and with 1kg tubs of whey protein powder selling on for £16.99 (at the time of writing) for 33 servings, some consumers will be hard to convert.

That said, these aren't being pushed as an alternative to powder but instead are more of a convenient addition to a rider's nutrition cupboard, and that's how I'll continue to use them.

The Science in Sport Whey20 Protein Gels are tasty and conveninent: when it comes to recovering from lunchtime chaingangs or when pushed for time after a weekend ride they are a welcome new product.

£9.00 (4 pack)

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