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David Lappartient looks to ban corticosteroids by 2019

David Lappartient pledges to 'eliminate' therapeutic use exemptions for corticosteroids from the beginning of 2019

Joe Robinson
13 Oct 2017

Newly elected UCI president David Lappartient has pledged to ban the use of corticosteroids, including those taken on a therapeutic use exemption (TUE), from the beginning of 2019.

In an interview with Sporza, Lappartient spoke of his mission to ban the use of corticosteroids with the contingency plan of 'imposing a period of rest' on any riders that are in the need of the TUE.

'My objective is to eliminate them, starting from 2019. I want these products to be placed on the banned list,' Lappartient told Sporza.

'Even if that wasn’t the case, we could also improve our approach within cycling, by imposing a period of rest on riders who need to take cortisone [a corticosteroid]. It’s not a question of doping, but of rider health,' Lappartient added.

'We could impose a temporary start ban, where riders would be withheld from competition for 15 days to give them time to heal.'

Currently, riders are able to compete using corticosteroids if they have been signed off on a TUE.

However, any team signed to the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC) bar their riders from competing with a TUE.

The use of corticosteroids with TUEs was placed into the spotlight last year after it was brought to light that Bradley Wiggins had been authorised to use triamcinolone on three seperate occasions to treat pollen allergies.

Despite Wiggins denying that the TUE led to any enhancement to his performance, other riders such as David Millar and Michael Rasmussen have stated that they used the same drug during their career deliberately to boost their performance.

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