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Watch: Who's faster, a road rider or mountain biker?

Joe Robinson
18 Oct 2017

Who's faster? A road rider in the mud or a mountain biker on the tarmac

Have you ever wondered who was faster, road riders or mountain bikers? Both clearly have different skillsets and are strong at their respective disciplines, but it has gone unanswered who is best overall.

Courtesy of Madison clothing, we now have an answer. Taking pro road cyclist Tobyn Horton (Madison Genesis) and professional downhill mountain biker Marc Beaumont (Madison Saracen), the challenge was set. 

Firstly the riders were challenged to race each other up a standard paved hill. Over 1.4km, the two riders raced uphill, tackling double-digit gradients, reaching the summit with little surprises as to who got to the top first.

Once both had finished the road climb, the time difference between the two riders was used to stagger the riders on the second course, a technical downhill trail.

Taking on a trail reserved for 'experts', both Beaumont and Horton snake through the muddy trail, showcasing impressive skills.

By the bottom of the downhill course, you are left with somewhat of a surprise with the result. 

Note before watching, road rider Horton claimed he had 'only tried a downhill bike a couple of times.'

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