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Silca releases the HX-One tool kit

Silca HX One allen keys
Jordan Gibbons
18 Aug 2015

The HX-One tool kit from Silca brings together all the essential home and travel tools in one beautiful wooden box.

Silca has made a bit of a name for itself of late for transforming mundane, every-day tools into things of beauty. I already own a track pump - it does a perfectly good job - but that doesn’t stop me wanting the £300 SuperPista Ultimate track pump. Why? Because it’s the best that a pump can be. Every bit of it thought about and carefully crafted into a no expense spared super tool. Now Silca has turned its attention to the humble allen key and brought us the HX-One tool kit. 

Silca HX One case

Often overlooked, allen keys are staple of every toolkit. Cheap allen keys are often poorly made, so they are a bad fit inside bolt heads. Once the torque starts creeping up on soft alloy bolts, the heads are quickly deformed by the poor fit of the cheap allen keys and the bolt is ruined. A properly made allen key fits the head of the bolt better, so the likelihood of rounding out the bolt is greatly reduced, although well made allen keys are not cheap. The HX-One kit is priced at $125 (UK pricing to follow) but you get more than just some chromed S-2 steel allen keys for your money. 

Silca HX One socket

Included with the kit is the Silca 17-4 stainless magnetic adapter that turns the 6mm allen key into a ¼” socket drive.  The adapter opens up the use of the 6 Torx bits, 2 Philip head and 2 Flat head drivers included, plus any standard ¼” driver bit. All this is packaged into a CNC machined Beech wood box.

Silca claims that its goal was to create a set of tools that would last a lifetime and if its pumps are anything to go by, we think it’s probably true.


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