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Strava users log over 200,000 years of activity in latest global heatmap

Joe Robinson
1 Nov 2017

Strava releases its latest global heatmap with over one billion activities

Strava has updated its global heatmap showing the breakdown of where around the globe its more than one billion activities have been logged. 

The heatmap incorporates data from 10 million individual athletes and covers not just cycling activities but also running, kiteboarding and mountaineering.

Altogether, Strava users have logged a total of 27 billion kilometres adding up to a lengthy 200,000 years of activity.

The heatmap, developed in conjunction with Strava Metro, helps app users look at popular routes and sport destinations within their area whilst also showing the broader activities of their fellow Strava users.

A closer look at the global heatmap shows a glowing hotbed of activity in Europe, with the west of the continent being the most densely explored part of the world.

Concentrate on just cycling activities in the UK and you notice that most of the country has been covered with particular bright sports surrounding cities such as London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Look more closely at London and you realise the sheer amount of cycling journeys that take place on the capital's streets each day.

Unsurprisingly, Regent's Park's outer circle makes a clear pattern on the map, reflecting its frequent use by inner-city cyclists for training, including by us in the Cyclist office.

A personal Strava heatmap can also be accessed by premium members of the app, allowing you to track your own riding habits for the previous 12 months.

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