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Zwift launches smart Group Workouts feature

New training programme lets you set up group training rides regardless of rider ability

Joe Robinson
2 Nov 2017

Zwift has added yet another branch to its flourishing tree with the introduction of Group Workouts, a training programme designed to allow riders of different abilities to do group training rides together.

This structured training programme will see you placed in a group workout scenario based upon your functional threshold power level. 

However, to prevent boredom and riding solo, riders will be kept together training at the same effort level based upon a percentage of their FTP. So whether you can hold 200W or 400W, you will be kept on the virtual roads together, producing the same effort.

Riding around the virtual representations of Central London or Richmond or the completely fictional world of Watopia, Zwift users will now have the chance to train at intensity with friends or strangers while retaining the social element associated with group rides.

Zwift CEO Erin Min says this social element was the key objective behind the development of Group Workouts.

'Group Workouts really opens up Zwift to the masses. Now all ages and ability levels can train together for the first time, whether you’re a World Tour Pro or a recreational cyclist,' Min said.

'This is about delivering quality and convenient social training experiences to people at home. We’re taking the motivation of the spinning experience and fusing it with structured training content created by world class coaches.'

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