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World Cycling Revival: All you need to know

Live music, racing and exhibitions will headline the World Cycling Revival at the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome in 2018

Joe Robinson
14 Jun 2018

Descending on the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome for June 2018, the World Cycling Revival will bring a weekend of vintage festivities in what is billed as 'the greatest celebration of the bicycle the world has ever seen'.

Hosted at the Herne Hill Velodrome - home of the 1948 'austerity' Olympic Games - the weekend will see a full programme of racing including a Japanese Keirin competition as well as a Brompton invitational race and even former Hour Record holder Graeme Obree returning to the track.

The Revival will celebrate the 200th birthday of the bicycle and will certainly be one of the most inclusive and interesting cycling events this Summer.

World Cycling Revival: Key information

Where: Herne Hill Velodrome, London
When: 14th-16th June 2018
How much: £39 

Things to see at the World Cycling Revival

Japanese Keirin Racing

Sitting as the second biggest betting sport in Japan (In 2011, betting on Japanese Keirin racing totalled £3.96bn), spectators will be able to submerge themselves into the truly unique world of Japanese Keirin racing by being able to place bets on the event.

The inaugural Japanese Keirin Trophy will be a daily five-race competition across the weekend with some of Japan's leading Keirin stars crossing from Asia to take part.

To make the event that bit more special, local lads Condor will provide custom steel-framed track bikes for the event, based on those used in the 1950s and 1960s by Tom Simpson and Dave Bonner. Each rider will also get an identical bike placing the emphasis on the ability of the rider.

Brompton 48 invitational 

The Brompton 48 invitational is a simple race. In a Le-Mans 24 hour style start, riders will participate in a series of elimination races on the track until eventually one winner takes it all.

All riders will be fitted out on custom CHPT 3 Brompton bikes with former professional David Millar himself racing. Among those riding will be wildcards, former professionals and the best Brompton racers in the world.

Oh, yeah, and the winner takes home £10,048.

The return of Superman

Onlookers will also have the chance to watch former track champion Graeme Obree showcase his revolutionary aerodynamic 'superman' position again as the Scot looks to ride a replica of his bike 'Old Faithful' on the track once again.

Music and more

The World Cycling Revival is not just about bikes, oh no, with plenty of live music, interactive exhibitions and period fun to be had over the weekend.

Live bands will play across the entire event bringing the best of the decadent Jazz age of the roaring twenties. Think The Great Gatsby and Louis Armstrong.

There will be an on-site cocktail and Champagne bar alongside the chance to buy some period clothing to get your Flapper on.

Men will get the chance to look dapper with a gentleman's barbers and you can even get a panoramic view of the south of London via a hot balloon ride. 

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