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Two countries per day for a week: British pair break record for most countries visited by bike in seven days

Joe Robinson
9 Nov 2017

From Poland to Greece and everywhere in-between, British adventure cyclists break record for most countries visited by bike in seven days

British adventurers Aaron Rolph and Paul Guest have broken the Guinness world record for visiting the most countries by bike in seven days, riding through an incredible 14 countries.

The project named Breaking Borders saw the two amateur cyclists set off from Poland, self-navigating their way through Central and Eastern Europe before breaking the record a week later in Greece.

Rolph and Guest took on the challenge completely unsupported, as per the rules set by the Guinness World Records, covering a total of 1,800km with in excess of 12,000m of ascent. 

Riding on average 15 hours per day, the two record breakers managed to complete a daily distance of over 250km to set the new benchmark, combating some of the most remote regions in Europe.

Besides the remote locations, the two cyclists also had to ride through Storm Herwart. The storm caused severe flooding in Poland and the Czech Republic, seeing temperatures drop to lows of -10C with winds of 80km/h.

Battling through the tough conditions was made easier by the support that was met roadside by both Guest and Rolph.

Speaking on the support received, Guest said, 'The constant kindness and friendliness of everyone along the way took us aback.

'We met some wonderful people, everyone from petrol station attendants to school kids chatting to us as we waited at traffic lights.

'The smiles, waves and words of support from complete strangers were the single best motivational boost when times were a bit tough.

'Many of them also agreed to be witnesses for the Guinness World Records Log book.'

Despite the many adversities faced by the pair, the kindness of locals throughout the trip saw both Rolph and Guest reach their final destination of Greece raising over £1,500 in the process for their charity, The British Adventure Rescue Trust.

Founded by Rolph and Guest alongside Edward Ghilks, the charity will lead an educational campaign in adventure skills across the UK.

Countries visited in record-breaking ride*

Czech Republic 
Bosnia and Herzegovina

*The pair also rode through Kosovo but it is not recognised as a country by the Guinness World Records

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