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Santander public hire bikes unveiled in Brixton

Joe Robinson
12 Feb 2018

Santander public hire bikes finally reach further into South London from 2018 as TFL expands scheme

The Santander public hire bike scheme expanded its reach southwards today with seven new docking stations opened in Brixton. 

These new docking stations have the capacity to hold 209 bikes and show Transport for London's intent to expand into new parts of London.

With the scheme extending to Brixton, Santander bikes will now be available at their most southern point in London to date, opening up access to an area of the city – along with the South East London – that has in large part missed out on the cycle hire revolution due to a lack of docking stations.

So far, Brixton will be the only new part of London to receive the hire bikes yet TfL stated that it is 'actively engaging with boroughs and private landowners to extend the scheme further'.

Speaking on the expansion, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan states, 'I have no doubt that the bright red bikes will quickly become a familiar sight across Brixton, as they help tens of thousands more Londoners and visitors travel easily across the area.'

'It's yet another boost for our record-breaking scheme and for our work to make cycling more accessible, improve London's air quality and tackle congestion.'

This latest expansion follows the unveiling of updated Santander bikes, produced by British bike brand Pashley. The new bikes have undertaken a makeover including smaller 24-inch wheels and more powerful lights.

The changes to the bikes have been brought about in order to improve riding in the dark and make the bike more manoeuvrable.

TfL also confirmed that the old-style bikes decommissioned in place of the new Pashley bikes will be retained to help fill the new docking stations in Brixton, providing they are still rideable.

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