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Rapha Women's Souplesse Insulated Jacket review

14 Nov 2017

A warm, lightweight option for staying warm in winter months

Cyclist Rating: 
The jacket is very effective at regulating body temperature in cold weather
Windproofing could extend to arms of the jacket better

Trust Rapha to come up with a new product you never knew you needed, but as soon as you have one, you don’t know how you did without! The Rapha Women's Souplesse Insulated Jacket is a high performance insulated garment for women, utilising technology developed alongside the Canyon-SRAM women’s pro team.

Much like Rapha’s insulated gilet, the jacket is lined with Polartec Alpha insulation, developed for US special forces to wear in hostile environments and provide warmth without weight or bulk.

As the temperatures have been plummeting it has quickly become my go-to jacket. Left unlined on the inside of the jacket, it has a fuzzy fleece like quality to it and is about as hygge as a cycling jacket can be.

The front of the jacket comprises of a windproof front fabric, however, I wish they had extended this through the arms as well.

The best part of this jacket is its ability to regulate core body temperature through a wide range of temperatures. It kept me perfectly warm at a consistent temperature, from the start to the end of my ride.

There is a lot of tech that has gone into making this jacket work so well. The insulation has an extremely high warmth-to-weight ratio – far better than down insulation.

It has been engineered for consistent comfort. Air is trapped in the insulation, which sits slightly raised from your skin, and circulates around your body to keep you warm.

At the same time, Alpha insulation regulates your body temperature by continuously releasing excess body heat before it builds.

Since the synthetic fibres are inherently hydrophobic and the insulation has an open construction, Alpha resists all moisture and dries incredibly fast.

In layman's terms, it keeps you warm no matter how the temperatures change, without getting too sweaty.

Due to its lightweight, it is possible to pack the jacket down to fit in a rear pocket. However, I’ve been riding in just the jacket with a long sleeve mesh base layer on under it for the last few weeks and have found I did not need another jersey under the jacket.

The Rapha Women's Souplesse Insulated Jacket comes in a beautiful turquoise, with a navy blue panel on the back and silver reflective ‘Rapha’ armband or in a black and pink colour way.

There is also a men’s Pro Team and Gilet versions of the Souplesse Insulated Jacket, available that deploys the same technology.

Overall the jacket provides a warm, lightweight option for staying warm in winter months.


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