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Wandsworth Council wants car charging points on every street three months after calling dockless bikes a 'plague'

Joe Robinson
15 Nov 2017

After impounding dockless bikes for cluttering streets, Wandsworth Council to introduce vehicle charging points on all residential streets

The London council that confiscated 130 dockless oBikes for obstructing streets has now unveiled an ambitious goal of providing electric vehicle charging points on all residential streets.

Wandsworth Council announced online that its community services scrutiny committee is likely to approve proposals for one electric vehicle charging point per residential street in the Wandsworth area.

The council currently has 35 charging points within the borough, and plans to install another 50 by the start of 2018.

The move, designed to encourage road traffic to visit the borough's roadsides, is a far cry from the abrupt tweet that the Council posted in reaction to the introduction of oBikes to the borough just three months ago.

In an article that accompanied the tweet entitled 'Yellow bike plague being tackled on the streets of Wandsworth', the Council claimed that the bikes had been 'cluttering pavements and causing obstructions'.

The article then later went on to suggest that 'proper consultation' would be required with all of the capital's highway authorities.

Once the electric charging points are installed, it will be of interest to see whether congestion and clutter on residential streets increases due to electric cars using the charging spots.

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