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Bradley Wiggins suggests jiffy bag source be revealed

Peter Stuart
15 Nov 2017

In a written statement on Twitter, Bradley Wiggins criticises investigation and questions credibility of source

Following the revelation this morning that UKAD had concluded its investigation into Team Sky, Bradley Wiggins and British Cycling over a suspicious medical package delivered to Dr Richard Freeman at the Criterium du Dauphine in 2011, Wiggins has issued a damning statement over the worth of the investigation.

'I have kept my silence throughout the peirod to allow UKAD to conduct their investigation in the most professional way possible,' Wiggins claimed in the written statement.

But he criticised the conduct of the anti-doping body strongly, stating, 'To say I am disappointed by some of the comments made by UKAD this morning is an understatement.'

He set out a list of questions regarding the worth and cause of the investigation. Including:

  • 'Where did the information come from to launch the investgation'
  • 'Who was the source?
  • 'Why did UKAD deem it appriopriate to treat it as a credible allegation?'

He added that he would like to see the source named, 'Surely it is now in the public interest to reveal this source?' he wrote.

Wiggins revealed that he was interviewed for over 90 minutes by UKAD on 28th November 2016 and handed over to them all of the medical records he had available to him.

He also jumped to the defence of Dr Freeman, claiming, 'I have always felt, and still feel, that he is a very good physician and treated me and others with great care and respect.'

In his final point of questions, he brings into question the public worth of the investigation, asking 'How much tax payers' money has been spent so far on this investigation?'

All the evidence accrued from UKAD's investigation has been handed over to the General Medical Council to investigate the medical practice involved, according to a statement from British Cycling.