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Bike brand Van Nicholas wants to know: Would you buy titanium?

Joe Robinson
16 Nov 2017

Would you move from carbon to titanium? Van Nicholas is interested to find out

In the world of road bikes currently, carbon is king. However, for those after something a bit different, the titanium bike industry is booming.

Even so, it still lags behind its lighter brother by some way in large part due to the lack of manufacturers making bikes from titanium and its price. For many, a plush titanium frame is but a dream.

Van Nicholas can be largely viewed as the master of the ti-frame. With six road models across the range, the Dutch bike manufacturer is well versed in making the hard-wearing material look beautiful in bike form.

Now, the brand wants to find out if you, the cycling public, would be interested in the temptation of ti and what it would take for you to buy one of its bikes.

Complete the survey above, that takes all of two minutes, telling the brand a bit about yourself.

Who knows, the answers you give may trigger the quest for a sub-£1000 ti-framed biked or maybe it could just spur the brand on to continue making beautiful bicycles.

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