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Poc and Mips to work together after settlement

Joe Robinson
20 Apr 2018

Mips legal battle against Poc in Germany over 'SPIN' technology curbed with both parties set to work together

Helmet-based safety brand Mips  and Swedish brand Poc have reached a settlement regarding alleged infringements on its patented Mips technology with both brands set to 'strengthen their cooperation'.

It was announced that both parties had reached an agreement over the legal proceedings and that niether would take the dispute to court. The settlement also confirmed no reimbursement of legal fess for either side.

It has also been stated that the two companies will now work closely together on the development of helmet technology.

Mips originally announced via a press release that it will be 'taking action to legally defend its proprietary knowledge and intellectual property' against Poc and its 'SPIN' technology.

Poc then produced a counter claim agains Mips after the preliminary injuction from Mips was withdrawn.

Launched last year, Poc introduced 'SPIN' - the Shearing Pad INside – a rotational impact protection system similar to that of Mips.

Developed in 1996, Mips has provided the world's leading cycling helmet manufacturers with its innovative, patented technology which absorbs and redirects rotational force and energy, allowing the helmet to rotate under impact rather than transferring the force directly to the brain.

The decison to work together will hopefully further develop the innovative helmet technology seen by both companies while it is estimated to have little impact on Mips' 2018 net sales.

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