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Gallery: London framebuilders collaborate to launch Isen Workshop bike brand

Joe Robinson
11 Dec 2017

London framebuilding duo launch hand-built steel bike under new brand Isen Workshop

Award-winning framebuliding duo Caren Hartley and Matt McDonough have teamed up to form new bike brand Isen Workshop launching their first frameset, the handmade Isen All Season Road.

The rather stunning steel bike, brainchild of the London-based duo, has already seen its first batch of 30 frames sold within a week, and it is no surprise when you see the bike and its price.

Isen has sourced its steel tubing from the world-renowned Reynolds, Columbus and Dedacciai, colouring the traditional-looking frame in a rainbow of colours reminiscent of spilt oil on a rainy day.

The bike has also remained en vogue with the industry's current love of endurance and audax bikes with clearance for 35c tyres, as well as coming with mudguard mounts and flat mount discs.

Being built to be ridden in all scenarios using top-quality steel tubing that is is handbuilt in London, you would expect the price for the frame to be steep.

However, Hartley and McDonough have managed to retail the frame at £1,500, which goes a long way in telling you why these frames are selling so well.

Hartley and McDonough have made their names as some of the biggest framebuliders in the UK thanks to their work with their own respective brands.

Matt McDonough has been carrying the torch at Crystal Palace based Talbot frames since 2013 while Caren Hartley has been producing award-winning frames under the self-titled Hartley Cycles for the past decade.

The frameset will be officially launched at Herne Hill this week. 

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