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Christmas quiz: Test your bicycle mechanic knowledge

This Christmas campaign sets out to who knows the difference between two similar looking tools. In association with Cycle Surgery

11 Dec 2017

For its Christmas campaign, Cycle Surgery has included a brain teaser on its gift card advert to get us thinking and test whose mechanical knowledge is up to scratch.

Presenting two very similar looking tools, the chain of bicycle shops simply wants to find out who knows the difference between the two.

Knowledge of brands and kit, or acceleration when sprinting for a village sign will be of no use here: this is one for the home mechanics.

This fun ad is for Cycle Surgery's gift card, which can be purchased online or in store. The cards, which are valid for 12 months, can be loaded with up to £500 at a time, so if you're stuck for what to buy the cyclist in your life then this is an option for even some of the highest present budgets.

The year-long duration of the gift cards mean that riders can wait for new seasons if there's a specific bit of kit they need or have heard is on the way.

Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if you know the answer, but no spoilers in the comments!

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