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Endura Airshell first look

Endura Airshell review
21 Apr 2015

Very angular. Very light. Very green.

Scottish clothing maker Endura first entered the helmet market two years ago with the Airshell. Its recent neon makeover hides a couple of tweaks to an already excellent performer.

The Airshell was always an agreeably light and breezy lid, reinforcing the bridges that traverse the helmet with carbon fibre has allowed Endura to pare away the underlying material. Consequently, the channels that bisect the helmet remain uninterrupted, allowing continuous airflow over the head without reducing the strength of the shell and protection it offers. Endura calls it ClearThru technology. It’s similar to systems used by other companies but no less effective for that.

Unique angular styling is complemented by the high gloss, fluorescent green colour. Photographs don’t do this helmet any justice, it’s the brightest helmet we’ve ever seen. Discreet reflective detailing on the rear and straps adds visibility. Sitting relatively low, even on more elephant-like heads, the helmet appears svelte.

While you’d be well advised to treat any helmet gently, the Airshell feels robust despite its reasonable weight, something accentuated by the polycarbonate shell extending underneath the brow, protecting the softer expanded polystyrene from damage when not being worn.

The redesigned retention system on the Airshell now offers four positions of vertical adjustment, which will suit anyone wanting to get the cradle low on the back of their head. Operated via a large dial, it feels reassuringly sturdy compared to many of its competitors, solidly yet comfortably clamping the helmet to your head. Additional pads on the back of the cradle further enhance comfort.

A spare set of pads is included and for a limited time so is a protective storage pod, further increasing what is already a good-value package. Look out for a helmet group test featuring the Endura Airshell, and others, soon.

Price: £90  Weight: 259g  Size: M/L

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