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Watch: Camille McMillan exhibits Transcontinental Race photography

Joe Robinson
18 Dec 2017

Camille McMillan's 'Un-Lost' exhibition showcases his best images from the past three editions of the Transcontinental Race

Photographer Camille McMillan has followed the Transcontinental Race, picturing it as he goes, for many years and now a selection of his work will be available to view in a new exhibition.

Entitled 'Un-lost', the work will appear at various Apidura retailers across 13 countries around the globe, as well as online, showcasing pictures from the past three editions of the race.

Camille's photography captures the brave riders on their mission to complete one of the world's toughest races. Racing across Europe from West to East, the route covers up to 4,200km and asks its riders to complete the journey self-assisted.

This year's winner James Hayden managed to cover the 4,071km route from Geraardsbergen, Belgium to Meteora, Greece in 8 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes.

McMillan was inspired by the race's late founder Mike Hall who would always emphasise the need for self-reliance often saying 'if you get lost, you’ll need to get un-lost', hence the name of the exhibition.

McMillan spoke of the race's unique ability to connect the rider and observer to their surroundings.

'As a photographer on the Transcontinental, I am forced to really study the riders, and their habitat. I may have little or no idea where I am, but if I am taking a photo of it, I am forced to get to know it, and if I’ve got to know a place, then am I really lost?' said McMillan.

'Participation in the Transcontinental Race, either as a rider or as a photographer, can remind us what it’s like to be lost, and how to find our way again.'

The exhibition began on 12th December and will continue until 15th February 2018. Each print will be available as a limited edition, numbered large print or in a smaller unlimited print version.

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