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Alex Dowsett writes emotional message following training near-miss

Joe Robinson
18 Dec 2017

Describing an extremely dangerous incident with a car, Alex Dowsett pleads for more consideration from road users

Alex Dowsett has written an emotional message urging road users to follow the rules of the road following a near-miss with a car while training earlier today. 

The Katusha-Alpecin rider, who suffers from the blood clotting disorder haemophilia, tweeted screenshots of a written message describing the incident in which he was nearly hit head on by a car. 

In his message, Dowsett recalls how a Porsche Cayenne overtook a car, moving out into the opposing lane at a speed he estimated to be around 60-80mph, almost hitting the rider head on.

Thankfully, the multiple British time trial champion was able to avoid the car, but was left clearly shaken. 

In response, Dowsett wrote an emotive plea to all road users to observe the rules of the road while also talking of his increased sympathy for those who have experienced near-misses while cycling on the amongst. 

The message also spoke of how Dowsett's mother was involved in a collision in 2010 while out riding her bike. He highlights the importance of his experience in being able to react to the incident, and speculates that a less experienced rider may have been seriously injured or worse.

Dowsett went on to praise the work of Chris Boardman in his mission to increase road safety and urged for patience and respect from all road users.

In January 2016, an elderly British driver crashed into Team Giant-Alpecin in Alicante, leaving John Degenkolb unable to defend his Paris-Roubaix title owing to a near-severed finger. 

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