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Zwift users log enough miles to get to Mars and back twice in 2017

Joe Robinson
2 Jan 2018

The virtual training app showcases some impressive figures from 2017

Virtual cycling is a reality rather than insanity as Zwift has proven with its 2017 stats which saw riders clock up almost 200 million kilometres.

Over the past 12 months, users of the virtual cycling app cycled 196,582,131km globally throughout 2017, with 35,309,879 of those kilometres coming from riders in the UK.

Along the way Zwift users climbed 1.8 billion metres with each ride logged averaging 250m of climbing per ride. In the UK, riders managed 319,476,855m of climbing over the past 12 months.

Power was certainly not lacking for users throughout 2017 with riders producing 11,371,782,536 watt-hours, enough power to run the city of Los Angeles for 17 days.

The most powerful city was Copenhagen, Denmark, with the Danes producing more watts per ride on average than any other city.

It appears that cold winters could play their part for the citites that log the furthest rides online with Ontario, Vienna and Hamburg taking the honours.

Their commitment to riding far without actually going anywhere helped towards an average of 28km per ride, with some even pushing themselves to triple figure distances.

Over the last year, 62,691 metric centuries were recorded with 10,593 managing to reach the golden 100 miles.

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