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A closer look at Team Sky's 2018 Pinarello F10 (gallery)

Joe Robinson
3 Jan 2018

A new colour scheme and potential new componentry for Team Sky in 2018

Over the Christmas period we got our first glimpses of Team Sky's new Pinarello F10 with its updated paint scheme and what appears to be new componentry.

With a move away from their usual black jersey, to white and light blue, the bike has followed suit, adding a ring of white to the down tube, top tube and seat tube. The rear of the seat post has also been painted with the same brush.

Remaining for 2018 are the dashes that mirror that of the jersey, which apparently each represent a victory from the team's history.

The longer dashes portray big victories like their five Tour de France victories and the smaller dashes the less high profile wins.

In terms of componentry, it seems much the same for this season apart from the cockpit.

From the photos released, the F10 has been fitted with Pinarello's own Most integrated bar and stem cockpit, moving away from Pro, a subsidiary brand of Shimano.

Famously, Team Sky and Pro would offer their riders stem lengths outside of the usual 10mm increments, allowing their riders to choose a length to the exact millimetre. 

If the team have switched over to the integrated stem and bar, it is unlikely that they will be able to replicate this detail, having to settle for a conventional stem length.

The groupset remains the same for Team Sky in 2018 with the bike fitted with Shimano Dura-Ace 9100, however the junction box will now placed onto the down tube. Shimano also provides its C50 wheels for the bike.

During the season, riders will have the option of both the F10 with disc or rim brakes, with disc brakes appearing to be the weapon of choice for an increasing number of riders in the pro pelton in 2018.