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Watch: Hunt to livestream wind-tunnel testing of wheels

Joe Robinson
9 Jan 2018

Hunt wheels to like the curtain on wind-tunnel testing with live streaming today

The world of aerodynamics in cycling can be a secretive one. We know that it is intrinsically important to going fast but most of the pioneering brands are keen to keep their knowledge a secret.

However, British-based Hunt Bike Wheels are set to lift the lid on industry secrets and give you an eye into the world of how optimising aerodynamics work.

Broadcasting live on social media on Tuesday 9th January, Hunt will take you behind the scenes during a wind-tunnel test at the GST Gesellschaft für Strömungsmeßtechnik wind-tunnel in Germany, famously used by aviation experts Airbus.

This invite into the largely unseen is part of a plan to develop the most aerodynamic disc wheelset in the world with the broader aim of producing the most aero-optimised wheel and tyre combination on the market.

With the recent rise of disc brake wheels in road riding, Hunt believes that there is ample opportunity to develop the wind-cutting benefits of disc wheels, many of which possess the same profile as their calliper-brake siblings.

To help explore this unknown, Hunt has employed Luisa Grappone, an expert in analysing aerodynamic data through wind-tunnel testing thanks to her experience with Campagnolo and 3T working with BMC, Movistar and Garmin-Cervelo.

One of the key focus points for Grappone and Hunt will be tyre choice, something that they believe is vital in shaping the airflow and remaining aerodynamic.

Grappone says that even the use of two different tyres from the same brand can have an effect on aerodynamics and therefore focus has been placed on the rim profile and tyre combination.

'Our focus was not just on the rim shape but also on the global system of the tyre plus rim,' said Grappone.

'We designed our prototype considering a particular tyre model and our aim was to obtain the best aero rim shape around that particular tyre, but we will soon test a wide range of tyre models from different manufacturers and compare the wind tunnel tests results with our selected reference tyre'

For this project, Hunt has chosen the Schwalbe Pro One tubeless-ready tyre in a 28c width to design their aerodynamic wheelset around, looking to optimise the two together when it comes to its ability in the wind.

The wheelset will be fitted to Canyon bikes, specifically their Aeroad disc frameset for testing. Hunt then aim to further develop the wheels before their release in the Autumn of this year.

Live streaming of the wind-tunnel testing will start on Hunt's Instagram page at 13:00 and its Facebook page at 13:30.

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