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Box Hill blocked due to fallen tree at entrance

Strong winds cause tree to block much loved Strava segment from access.

Joe Robinson
19 Jan 2018

Strong winds earlier this week caused a tree to fall at the base of Box Hill, blocking the entrance to the popular Strava segment, scuppering the efforts of London and Surrey cyclists all day.

The tree fell at the very base of the climb, laying directly across Old London Road just before the right turn onto Zig Zag Road, the start of both the climb and the segment.

Bike shop Maison du Velo posted a photo of the situation joking that 'somebody is desperate to stop his mates taking his Box Hill KOM!'

The 2.2km climb, nicknamed - let's hope ironically - the Alpe d'Huez of Surrey, is one of most popular Strava segments in the UK and plays a part in the RideLondon-Surrey Classic WorldTour race during the Summer.

Almost 600,000 individuals have attempted the segment with pro rider Edmund Bradbury holding the KOM at 4:26.

The tree would have no doubt disappointed riders looking to challenge the time set by Bradbury today, especially considering the tailwind available earlier in the day.

The tree had been mainly cleared with it expected that bike riders will be able to attempt their beloved KOM as of this morning.

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