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Strava to allow virtual activities to count towards challenges

Joe Robinson
1 Feb 2018

Challenges can now allow virtual kilometres

Strava has announced that it will now allow its partners to count virtual rides towards its challenge totals. Those creating the challenges will have the option to choose whether to allow the kilometres to count towards the total or not.

For these indoor activities to count they will need to include GPS, distance and elevation from a simulated route.

Strava's own challenges will continue to only accept outdoor rides.

The first challenge that will accept these indoor rides towards its challenge total will be Le Col's '10 hour season starter challenge' which runs from 1st to 14th February.

This will be music to the ears for those who use popular virtual cycling apps such as Zwift. Of the 250,000 active Zwift users, 75% have connected their Zwift membership to their Strava accounts and will no doubt be happy with this latest decision.

With the advent of apps like Zwift and the rise in smart turbo trainers, more and more cyclists are turning their heads towards this alternative method of training indoors. 

The Strava challenge traditionalists may be concerned this latest decision from the company may undermine some of the more demanding challenges offered throughout the year.

Events like the Rapha Festive 500 ask riders to complete a vast amount of distance within a short amount of time with weather often being an adversity to overcome.

If it becomes the case that indoor rides count towards these challenges, their prestige may come under threat.

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