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Your chance to choose the spot of the next dockless bike hub

Joe Robinson
5 Feb 2018

Dockless bike providers ofo look to make scheme more accessible to more Londoners

Dockless bike provider ofo has teamed up with the London Cycling Campaign to invite Londoners to have their say on where they would like to see a new dockless hub.

While dockless bikes, by their nature, can be left in any spot once the user is finished with them, the company can also create hubs that provide an area in which the bikes can be regularly found.

By filling out an online survey, users will be able to have their say on where ofo should position its next hub for its dockless bikes within its operational area in London.

This hub could be anywhere from a public square or office block to a shopping centre or even on the street you live.

To complete the survey, all you need to do is to upload a photo of the area you would like a hub or select it on the interactive map provided by ofo, give your reasoning as to why it would be a useful location and whether you have used any similar schemes.

The ofo team will then investigate the areas suggested within the survey and decide on where it should create its new hubs.

While this should help increase the accessibility of the dockless bikes it is worth noting that the service is still restricted to certain areas of the city, with the service still unable to be used far from the city centre.

Ofo bikes are one of a collection of docked and dockless bike schemes within the city of London. Besides the distinctive yellow of ofo lies Urbo and Mobike as well as the most popular bike sharing scheme, the TfL Santander bikes.

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