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Zwift takes another step to making indoor cycling more real

Zwift Richmond finish line
Ollie Gill
9 Sep 2015

Working with the World Champs organisers, the Richmond 2015 course has been uploaded to provide a further step towards true reality.

Some people get bored of going round and round the same route over and over again. Others quite like it - challenging themselves the same way each day, and seeking to better their performance. Since its launch in 2014, Zwift Island was the only course available to those signed up to the innovative virtual reality online platform. This is set to change with a new helping of indoor cycling reality.

Instead of being based on a mythical island in the Pacific, the new course is a 10 mile (16.2km) circuit of Richmond, Virginia. Many of you will be assuming that Richmond was selected as it was recently named at the top of American Express's "Top 10 most popular cities to visit this summer". Funnily enough, it isn't. Perhaps you may have guessed that it is the course which the pro's will use for this year's World Road Race Championships.

Zwift Richmond World Champs

Boasting 'two-dozen corners, a handful of punchy climbs and cobbled sections', the course went live between 1-8 September. It will be available again from 13-15 September and 20-27 September. Input has been sought from Richmond 2015 organisers, and with Zwift's expertise in bringing reality to the people's homes and garages; the hope is that it will give a true experience of riding the Worlds.

Only one course is available at any one time on the Zwift platform, so for those who prefer monotony will just have to deal with this dose of geographic realism for a short time. Currently, the platform remains in Beta format and is free for all users. But sources close to the company have indicated a monthly fee of around $15 per month is be introduced shortly. We would guess that this would coincide with a large number of upgrades which could include a multitude of new courses being made available, more clever add on's, and the signing up of new pro riders to race against.


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