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Look launches updated range

Jordan Gibbons
10 Sep 2015

We take a first look at the new Look 765, 675 and 795.

Look has launched a new entry-level model and has named it the 765, to avoid all confusion with the outgoing 566, which will sit alongside the 675, the 795 and the 695. Simple. We met up with the UK distributors for a first ride of a few of the key models and an in-depth look at the rest of the range.

Look 765

Look 765 fluoro

The 765 is the new entry level model and it replaces the 566. The 566 was considered a pretty good bike at the time, but Look admitted that it was a difficult sell as the cheapest model was £2200. The new 765 starts at a cheaper price point (just £1795 for the 105 equipped model) and has a frame weight of 1,100g.

The frame design benefits from trickle down technology from the 675 and has asymmetric chainstays and a PF30 bottom bracket for increased stiffness. However comfort is the main aim of the bike is comfort so the geometry is quite relaxed due to the short top tube and long headtube. Look is also raving about their ‘carboflax’ technology.

Look 765 fork

Carboflax is essentially a layer of linen fibre that is combined with the carbon fibre in certain areas of the bike with the intention of soaking up extra road vibration and reducing fatigue. It’s placed in the fork blades and the chainstays where Look claims it is best suited to dissipating vibration.

We went for a very quick spin on it and found the bike comfortable, but stiff enough that it’s got something going on when you get out of the saddle – like a good road bike should be then. We’ve got one in for review, so look out for something considerably more in a few weeks.

Look 675 Light 

Look 675

Why look didn’t just name the aero models ‘7XX’ and the standard models ‘6XX’ is beyond me, as the 675 Light is basically a cheaper and less ‘racey’ version of the 795. We rode the Ultegra model, which retails for £2,999, although it had been fitted with Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exaliths.

The only real change to range is a rejig of the finishing kit, and the dropping of the standard 675 in favour of just the 675 Light – the only difference being a higher quality carbon used to deliver a lighter and stiffer frame.

Look 675 first ride

Look say that the reaction to the 675 has been overwhelmingly positive considering its rather distinctive looks although some people are a little apprehensive about the stem. The stem is specific to the frame but it can be adjusted for height (and flipped) and Look was keen to point out that people can choose whatever length stem they want as part of the price.

Our big worry when before we rode the bike was that it would have a really long reach, but it’s just an optical illusion; the 53cm frame we rode felt the same as any other 53cm bike. The front end is very direct thanks to the tapered steerer but it wasn’t particularly ‘vibey’. Once the 675 was up to speed it held it well although that was probably due to the aero Mavic wheels that were fitted. There’s a full review of the stock 675 in the latest issue of Cyclist, available in shops from September 9th.

Look 795 Aerolight

Look 795 aerobrake

The Look 795 is currently available in two versions: the 795 Light, which comes with standard brakes, and the 795 Aerolight, which has integrated brakes and is the one we had with us. The integrated brake in the fork, the Aerobrake2, is a pair of carbon v-brakes and it’s a Shimano Dura Ace direct mount unit under the bottom bracket.

The 2016 model has a few updates including the new ZED3 crank and a revised cockpit. The ZED3 retains all the stiffness and weight characteristics of it’s predecessor, the ZED2, plus the trilobe crank length adjustment technology whilst also bring a smoother aerodynamic profile.

Look 795 headtube

The aerodynamic upgrades don’t end there – the new aero handlebars are fitted to an adjustable aero stem, the cables are fully integrated through a plastic collars in the headtube to bypass the bearings.

How does all this affect the ride? Well on our incredibly short test run the 795 Aerolight felt seriously fast. We got up to 40kph without too much strain and it wasn’t particularly difficult sustaining it but a longer ride would be needed to see if that stiffness ruins the comfort. And the price? The frameset is £4299 with UK pricing on the builds yet to be confirmed.


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