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Indian Pacific Wheel Race cancelled for 2018

A year after the death of Mike Hall, race organisers announce the race will no longer take place

Joe Robinson
6 Feb 2018

The 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race has been cancelled following the death of Mike Hall in the 2017 edition and the subsequent inquest.

The 5,500km ultra-endurance race from the west to east coast of Australia took place in March of last year with Hall unfortunately losing his life in a collision with a vehicle in the early hours of 30th March.

As a pioneer of ultra-endurance racing - he founded the Transcontinental road race in 2013 - Hall's death was a great loss to the endurance cycling community.

Indian Pacific Wheel Race organisers issued a statement shortly after an inquest met regarding the death of Hall confirming that the race would not take place in 2018.

Director of Dragon Face Party, organisers of the race, Jesse Carlson confirmed the cancellation of the race with 'immediate effect.'

'Given this situation, and as more information about the potential outcomes of this process have become clear only very recently, it is with an extremely heavy heart that we cancel the 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR) with immediate effect,' said Carlson.

'The fact that this race has taken on a life of its own, strengthened the ultra-endurance cycling community and created an unparalleled interest in what is largely a very solitary pursuit is something of great pride.

'It’s for this same reason that this decision is not taken lightly, knowing how many people this will upset and even anger.'

Organisers also stated that riders should feel free to tackle the route at their own will and that all entrants for the 2018 race will receive a refund for their entry fee.

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