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ENVE release carbon fibre road hubs

ENVE carbon fibre hubs
Jordan Gibbons
10 Sep 2015

New carbon fibre hubs from ENVE weigh just 232g for the set but come at an eye-watering price.

What do you do if you already make some of the best carbon rims in the world? Simple. Make some hubs to build them with obviously but there are already plenty of lightweight aluminium hubs out there, so to really mix things up ENVE had to do what it does best - make them from carbon fibre.

Making a hub out of carbon fibre is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. There are already a few carbon hubs in existence but they’re carbon shells with aluminum flanges bonded on for strength, which meant there was still a lot of weight to be saved. The hard part is finding a way to give the strength to the spoke holes but after several years ENVE has cracked it.

ENVE carbon front hub

The trick to it is ‘continuous fibre construction’ so the spoke holes are moulded in, rather than drilled. This means that the carbon fibres wrap around the spoke holes in an uninterrupted loop, which gives the flanges much greater strength compared to the broken fibres you get from drilling holes. After some covert testing from the MTN-Qhubeka team at this year’s Tour de France, the hubs have finally been given the green light.

The ENVE hubs use DT Swiss internals, so you can swap quickly from Shimano to Campagnolo and they’re fitted with Ceramic Speed bearings as standard. The result of all this excellence is a low weight of 232g for the pair (74g for the front and 158g for the rear). They’re currently only available in 20H front and 24H rear drillings and the US retail price is a staggering $1,350.


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