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Mason x Hunt 4season disc wheelset

Mason hunt 4 season wheels
Joseph Delves
10 Sep 2015

Handsome and practical disc wheels from UK-based Hunt.

Prior to the launch of their new wheel range, the designers at Hunt spent hundreds of hours sketching plans and rounding up components from their base in the undulating hills of the South Downs. They had noticed that the disc-brake wheel market was incredibly polarised with most pairs either heavy and cheap or light but every expensive. Around the same time, a few miles away in Hove, bike designer Dom Mason was going through a similar process looking for wheels on which to roll out his debut range of bicycles.

With both brands sharing an emphasis on usable technology, understated design and the ability to withstand grimy UK conditions, collaboration between the two seemed obvious. The result is these understated disc hoops.

Don’t let their looks fool you – while traditional nipples and readily serviceable Pillar J-bend spokes may look classic, the rims they’re laced to are bang up-to-date – in use, they’re incredibly comfortable, probably thanks to the wider rim bed that naturally suits higher-volume tyres. The hubs haven’t gone without thought either – the freehub for instance is a lightweight alloy unit but there’s a steel insert placed on it to prevent cassettes digging and jamming.

Hunt wheel accessories

The wheels are tubeless compatible and come with everything required to set them up. They paired well with the 28c Continental Grand Sports we fitted but if you’re not too confident, or just don’t want the hassle, they can fit tyres for you before shipping them out. They’re also packaged up with plenty of spares and accessories including QR skewers, 6-bolt disc adaptors, spare spokes, a 10-speed cassette shim and a spoke key.

Bowling along over rough terrain, these ride like a much lighter wheelset up the climbs, despite the added disc-brake stuff. Overall, these are a killer mid-priced set of hoops with all the flashiness of a top pair of hand-builts.

Should you want to see them in the flesh, before you part with your pounds then you can do so at The Cycle Show, at the NEC from the 25th to the 27th of September. For more info visit


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