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Regent's Park safe cycling plans take step forward

Partial closure will play part of the new Cycle Superhighway 11 to Oxford Circus

Joe Robinson
13 Feb 2018

The closure of gates around Regent's Park in London to through motor traffic could happen immediately, bringing the Cycle Superhighway 11 a step closer to completion. 

It was initially proposed in 2016 that four of the eight entrances into Regent's Park would be closed to motor traffic from 11:00 to 15:00 daily as part of the wider cycle route from Swiss Cottage to Oxford Circus.

Stakeholders and interested parties saw this proposal delayed but it is now been reported by the London Cycling Campaign that Westminster City Council and Crown Estates Paving Commission have agreed not to oppose the gate closure.

A spokesman for TfL commented that now the proposed stakeholders were in agreement, the construction of the new highway would be put in to motion 'as quickly as possible.'

By closing these four gates during the day, it would reduce the traffic around the park's ring road that use it as a route to go from North to Central and South London.

It will also help in making the latest cycling superhighway a reality, with plans to connect riders to the heart of the city, with the proposed route finishing on Portland Place by Oxford Circus.

This will not only benefit those looking to use the Superhighway for leisure and commuting into the city centre but also the thousands of city cyclists who use the road for training during the working week.

Over the past five years, in excess of 22,000 riders have completed laps of the Outer Circle of Regent's Park on Strava with it being the most attempted segment on the app in 2017.

Lunch riders across the centre of London will rejoice at this latest news as it should mean a safer and more stress-free park to get their lunchtime laps around.

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