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Your chance to become the virtual National Champion

Joe Robinson
13 Feb 2018

Inaugural championships for 15 nations to take place later this month on Zwift

Your dream of winning the national stripes of your country could become a reality as Zwift has announced that it will host its inaugural set of National Championships on 24th February.

The online virtual cycling app will hold men's and women's races for 15 different nations, giving the winner the chance to wear the national jersey of their country for the next 12 months, just like the professionals.

Each of the 15 nations selected by Zwift will tackle the course individually with laps of the Watopia Volcano Climb the setting for these first championships.

The men will tackle 68.4km climbing 1071m of elevation while the women will ride 45.6km climbing 714.4m. The major climb runs for 3.7km averaging at 3%.

Zwift chose the 15 inaugural nations based on the 15 countries in which the app is most widely used. However, it promised that the event will expand in 2019.

These lucky nations include the UK, USA, Norway, South Korea and Japan.

To prevent any skullduggery Zwift has provided a stringent set of rules to ensure the race is as fair as possible. To be eligible for victory you have to wear a heart rate monitor for the entire ride and your ride data must not be on private.

Any rider averaging more than 5w/kg will also be automatically disqualified to prevent the many tales about rider weight, although this can be overturned on review by ZADA, the Zwift Anti-Doping Agency.

In-game power ups are permitted which can make you lighter and more aero.

Zwift also warns that the start of each race is likely to be fast so suggests you ride to your own pace.

For riders looking to take on the challenge in the UK, the start time for both the men and women will be 10:30 GMT. All riders wanting to enter must register here

Zwift National Championships timetable

Japan National Championship - 02:00 GMT
South Korea National Championship - 02:15 GMT
Norway National Championship - 08:30 GMT
Sweden National Championship - 09:00 GMT
Poland National Championship - 09:15 GMT
Germany National Championship - 09:30 GMT
Belgium National Championship - 09:45 GMT
The Netherlands National Championship - 10:00 GMT
France National Championship - 10:15 GMT
UK National Championship - 10:30 GMT
Switzerland National Championship - 10:45 GMT
USA National Championship - 16:00 GMT
Canada National Championship - 16:30 GMT

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