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The Factor One aims to be 'the most aerodynamic bike ever'

Joe Robinson
15 Feb 2018

A split down tube and external fork headline this latest bike from Factor

Alongside the new triathlon-specific Slick frame launched yesterday, Factor has also been busy developing its road racing machines with its latest aerodynamic Factor One.

Partnering with aerodynamic experts bf1 systems - which counts Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati among its clients - Factor has focused on creating cleaner air flow through the bike while not compromising on stiffness which it hopes to be 'the most aerodynamic bike ever.'

To do this, Factor has designed its own One Total Integration System, an integrated bar and stem mounted to a proprietary dual-clamp external fork.

By eliminating the face plate and bolts, Factor says it has done away with unnecessary turbulence at the front end of the bike.

Furthermore, by using an external fork with a larger leading edge air is able to stick closer to the frame as it passes through.

Aerodynamic bikes usually sacrifice comfort in return for increased speed so to counteract that Factor has incorporated an extremely distinctive feature in its Twin Vane Split down tube which can also be found on its new Slick triathlon frame.

Splitting the tubing into two has been done in a bid to improve the bike's stiffness and ride quality. Inadvertently it has also helped improve the aerodynamics of the frame by allowing air coming from the front wheel to choose more points of exit creating less turbulence.

The frame will also have clearance for wider 28mm tyres which will inevitably help comfort.

As speed is key to the new One, Factor has included CeramicSpeed bearings in both the headset and bottom bracket. If bought as a complete bike, it will also be fitted with Black Inc fifty carbon clinchers which also contains Ceramic Speed bearings.

Factor will offer the bike as a complete build with its own in house bar tape and a Fizik Arione saddle. The bike will also have the option of two groupsets, Shimano Dura Ace di2 and Sram Red eTap. 

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