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'Don't go to Team Sky – they'll ruin you,' Wiggins tells young team

Joe Robinson
21 Feb 2018

Wiggins makes cheeky swipe at former team at the launch of Team Wiggins

On the first floor of a yoga shop on Regent Street, London, Bradley Wiggins presented his raft of 17 young Team Wiggins riders for the 2018 season. The team's aim is simple: take a group of talented under-23s and nurture their talent to help them step up to WorldTour level.

One of these riders is Tom Pidcock, whose palmares already speaks for itself despite him being just 18 years old: Junior Paris-Roubaix winner, junior time-trial World Champion and junior cyclocross World Champion are just three of his titles so far.

So what advice did the former Tour de France winner Wiggins have for his promising young signing – someone who he says 'already has it'?

'Don't go to Team Sky in the future, go somewhere else. They will ruin you.' 

The remark was obviously made in jest, but in the context of his other comments, not to mention the controversies that have surrounded both Wiggins and Team Sky in recent times, it was clear there was also a strand of seriousness behind it. 

For example, when discussing how cycling has become out of touch with the fans, the 37-year-old Wiggins said, 'We want to be a team who engages with the public, not hidden in a big, black bus behind screens.'

'Look at tonight, there are no ropes, you can engage with us.'

Ironically given his comments, Wiggins failed to attend the pre-arranged mass media interview scheduled for after the presentation.

The 2012 Tour de France champion also spoke about his own love for cycling, something he insists has never left, but merely evolved. 

'I never fell out of love with cycling, I have always loved it and the old stuff, but the sport today is so far removed from what I fell in love with,' Wiggins said.

'It's all about power meters and skinsuits. I want to take it back to when you'd find Bernard Hinault getting changed out the back of a car,' he added. 'Gone are the days when a sponsor will put £6 million into a team just to be on television.

'Just look at the biggest team in the world right now, they are not very popular.'