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Build your wheels on a set of £7,000 hubs

Joe Robinson
21 Feb 2018

The Gokiso Super Climber Hubs are handmade in Japan out of titanium

If you are looking for the ultimate upgrade to your bike then look no further than the Gokiso Super Climber hubset that when imported into the UK retails at a cool €8,000 (approx £7,017).

Handmade by the Kondo Machine Corporation in Japan, better known for its construction of bearings for jet engines and aircraft turbine shafts, these hubs are machine crafted from titanium with the expectation to last a lifetime.

Gokiso claims that the hubs are made to last a lifetime with the bearings able to run for 100,000km at 100km/h without failure.

These super-efficient hubs are so precise that their temperature remains cool even when run at 300km/h, never consuming grease. In turn, this means that hubs themselves should never need servicing and the bearings never need replacing.

Being fashioned from titanium is also expensive process due to the nature of the material. Its stubborn nature makes crafting these hubs a time-consuming and costly nature through the amount of tools that will be damaged in the process.

To help with shock, Gokiso has also formulated a dual-shelled hub. The outer shell is able to effectively float, absorbing the shocks and stress from the road while keeping the inner sheel rigid and still seperated from the effects of rotational distortion.

Currently, Cyclist are running these hubs built on rims made by Austrian based Xentis placed in the Passoni Fidea. The deafeningly silent and smooth hubs give this bike a ride quality less like a Ferrari and more like a Rolls Royce.

If you want to experience the feel of these elegantly crafted hubs in this beautiful frame then you may have to start saving as this bike will set you back £22,650. Alternatively, read our bike test of the Passoni Fidea with the Goksio hubs in an upcoming issue of Cyclist.

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