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Museeuw: 'Froome should get a one-year ban'

Jack Elton-Walters
22 Feb 2018

Johan Museeuw speaks about the ongoing Chris Froome saga

Many former and current professional cyclists have offered their opinion on the Chris Froome salbutamol saga, some unprompted and others only when they're asked. Fitting into the latter category is retired Classics rider and former World Champion Johan Museeuw, who opens up on his thoughts only when questioned about it.

Stories and rumours have abounded about how the case might play out, with one report that Froome had negotiated a six-month suspension dismissed immediately by the rider.

For Museeuw, the approach the authorities need to take is clear, when he says that 'they have to do something otherwise it's not a good direction for cycling' with regards to a suspension for Froome.

'It [salbutamol] is not really a product that you can use for going faster, he needed it for his asthma,' Museeuw adds. 'One year is enough, but they have to do something about it.'

His views were given in the context of his own career and the reaction of the authorities to similar cases in the past.

'Team Sky have zero tolerance, and I'm also for zero tolerance because my generation was not ok.'

The 1996 World Champion also thinks the British rider hasn't done himself many favours since the news broke.

'Froome was doing tweets but now he's in a bad position, so it's always difficult to say, but for others [in the past] if they do something wrong, then for me they have to disqualify Froome [for a] minimum of one year.

'They did it with Alessandro Petacchi, they did it with Alberto Contador.'

To further frame his opinion, Museeuw expanded on the past examples of similar situations.

'I'm thinking about what happened in the past with Petacchi, it was the same problem. Now it's Froome, who is one of the biggest riders on the biggest team, and the team is very strict in everything but now they really have a problem.

'I don't know how they will do it.'

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