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POC explores LightFlex active light technology in clothing

POC Aid Light Flex light vest
Jordan Gibbons
15 Sep 2015

Swedish brand POC partners with Light Flex Technology to use independent active light to increase rider visibility.

Sometimes, even as adults, we look at things and think ‘I don’t know how that works, but I want it’. The experiment POC has been doing with LightFlex is one of those things – in fact we challenge you to watch the video below and not want it.

So what is LightFlex? LightFlex is a powered light source that is ‘printed’ into a material to provide increased visibility and enhance safety. It doesn’t generate any heat, it’s waterproof, washable, flexible, less than 0.3mm thick, operates in a wide range of temperatures and puts out between 150 and 250 lux. It can also be printed into complicated shapes such as logos, or lettering, and can be ‘incorporated into any wearable’. Until recently Light Flex has been printing its active light technology into running wear, but POC’s internal POC Aid initiative is bring it to cycling.

LightFlex close up

At the moment POC is just exploring the possibilities of what it can achieve with LightFlex and is keen to stress that the vest you can see in the video is a very early prototype. POC says it’s ‘motivated by the possibilities it is uncovering’ and will be continuing its testing and development over the coming months. So it’s safe to say this technology isn’t right around the corner but it’s a good indication of where safety products might go in the future.

LightFlex traffic

POC describes the process as the ‘forefront of research and development’. We’re not quite sure we’d go for such a bold claim ourselves, but we think that LightFlex is an interesting exciting new product that actually has the potential to save lives and, most importantly, look good in the process.


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